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ÖZTAŞ Machinery and Metal Industry, founded in Kütahya in 1990, have been working on machinery, material and equipment which are needed by industrial enterprises since then.       

ÖZTAŞ at the present time, by developing its infrastructure and equipment pool, continues its operations in 2nd Organized Industrial Zone of Kütahya City with its 30.000 sqm factory site (as 10.000 sqm. indoor spaces and 20.000 sqm. outdoor spaces). Furthermore its metal selling and marketing department (which has 4.000 sqm. indoor spaces in Kütahya Bereket Industrial Zone) has been developing solutions in scope of demands, requirements and projects of customers. ÖZTAŞ especially focuses on products and services that are related to soil-based industry, mining industry, chemical industry, production systems’ revisions and engineering services. ÖZTAŞ, racing to be best, produces shopper-driven special products and machines that are needed by industrial enterprises for setting up the system, modification, supplementation and special projects. With fast and just-in-time production capacity, ÖZTAŞ provides periodical service for facilities and machine maintenance of factories.  

Permanent targets and principles of ÖZTAŞ are to produce innovative and high quality products and services, to invest in qualified workforce, to make on time delivery, convenient price and honesty. To perpetuate these targets and principles, ÖZTAŞ has certified its conformity to quality and management standards with the certificates of ISO-9001, OHSAS-18001 and ISO-14001. Besides, ÖZTAŞ have WPS (Welding Procedure Specification) and PQR (Procedure Qualification Record) documents and international certificates which are ISO EN 1090-2 (Execution of Steel Structures and Aluminum Structures) and ISO EN 3834-2 (Quality Requirements for Fusion Welding of Metallic Materials). All welders in ÖZTAŞ have certificates in scope of TS EN 9606-1 (Qualification Testing of Welders for Fusion Welding of Steels). It has continuously raised the quality level by targeting absolute customer satisfaction with fiduciary cooperation, business ethic and skilled staff.

With almost 30 years of experience and extensive knowledge, ÖZTAŞ has been investing in future by using learning organization model, modern production facility, skilled employees and technological infrastructure. While ÖZTAŞ continues to grow up in the direction of its midterm and long term targets, contributes to developing process of Turkey with social responsibility projects and environmentally-responsible investments.

We are ÖZTAŞ… 

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